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Re: [IP] chinese

> Vicki McDonald wrote:
> > 
> > Okay, I've been doing this for almost a year now, but I still can't
> > figure out Chinese food.   This is 1/2 of my normal
> > daily insulin usage.  Has anyone figured out how to do Chinese without
> > these incredible highs and huge amounts of insulin?

The sauces on Chinese food are the culprit. The are usually made with 
either corn-starch or arrow-root. Both contain very high amounts of 
carbo in the form of pure starch. Fortunately the oils used in 
Chinese cooking bind the starch in a form that usually takes a little 
while to digest rather than allowing it to be absorbed in one fell 
swoop that would instantly send your bg's through the roof. You can 
probably figure it out experimentally, but it has to be done kitchen 
by kitchen, item by item. My daughter has mastered the kitchen at Su 
Hong up the street from our house and can now eat almost anything (by 
guess of course) without too much pain and strain. Try constraining 
your dining to one or two known items for a while, testing every hour 
or so after dining and record the results. Rice varies a lot so avoid 
that (unfortunately) while doing the testing. Items like sauced meats 
can usually be figured out on a by-piece basis similar to 
pot-stickers and fried prawns. The other 'gooey' stuff has to be 
estimated by portion and while it's high, it is consistent.

Good Luck
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