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RE: [IP] What Insurance Companies Are Looking For

CJ wrote:
>Side Note:  On BG meters and HCFA, they want specifics, how many tests per
day, type of DM, etc., etc.  Further based upon your type they will only
approve a fixed number of tests per day.  RIDICULOUS isn't it.

Yes, it is ridiculous. The flip side of possibly not being able to test enough
due to what "they" think is the proper # of times to test, is this: The mother
of a gal I work with has Medicare. They just MADE her change her meter, from
Profile to Glucometer Elite. Those are the only strips they will now pay for,
and they tell her how many she is to purchase. She had so many strips at home
for her Profile (23 bottles!!!) that she gave them to her daughter, who in
turn gave them to me for Amy! I split them with another girl at work that has
d, and we now will not have to buy strips for a little while at least - saves
me about $125!! Yes, they are all still good, still in original containers and
not expired. The government on one hand gives many a hard time obtaining good
health services, and on the other hand wastes so much $$.

Just my opinion
Sue Tappendorf
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/