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Re: [IP] Re: carb. counting & the pump


Diabetes brings to us a lot of different things. Yes problems can happen
with or with out the pump. You have to find what works best for you. ONe
thing give the pump time before you decide you totally hate ot dislike.
They say to give the pump a year at least to show you.

I ususally just guess at the carbs. But every now and then it is a good
idea to write everything down, and then look it up to make sure that you
are right on track.  Food labels are very helpful, you don't have to test
your guess work. 

If after 4 hours your sugars are right where they need to be after eating,
then I would say you are guessing right on the money.  For me 2 hours
doesn't show that the insulin and food working on me. I need at least 3
hours before humalog will start working its fullest on me.  This is a
milage may vary situation.

You want to always eat healthy.  That is a given. But one thing about the
pump, is that it can allow you to have your meal earlier, or have your
meal later, or skip it entirely if you don't feel like eating.  WIth the
carb counting, yes sugar can become a part of your meal plan. But you have
to be careful just how much you eat.  Remember this is true for anyone. DB
or not.  I'm sure that you will give many replies on this subject

Christene Ullom

email @ redacted  (evenings)

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