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[IP] Re: carb. counting & the pump]


> People on the site said.....I feel free after going on the pump.....I can eat
> anything......Do you count your carbs on anything you want to eat and send in
> the insulin?  Do you actually figure out the carbs or are some of you just
> guessing like me.  Speaking for myself I can drink a few glasses of Bailey's,
> have a sinful dinner and shoot in the humalog and 2 hours later get a pretty
> good reading (lets say 144).

I really believe this is a YMMV.  For me I still can't just eat anything.  Once
the carbs get over 30 or 40 there's no telling what will happen.  That's me.  I've
talked with a few diabetics that are this way too.  So for me I tend to stay away
from high carbs.  If I had that wonderful dinner ( Bailey's and sinful ), which I
have, regardless if I carbo counted or not, gave 5 units or 15 units, I just don't
react well and pay dearly.  I thought it would be different on the pump, but not
for me.  Mind you I am not complaining it's just I want to emphasize that this is
something you'll have to try out for yourself.  If you can do it on shots I'll bet
you'll have a much easier time on the pump, so enjoy! :-)

> So, getting back to my questions.  Do you eat really healthy? Do you carb
> count exactly for the meal or guess count, like me :).

I would definitely do the counting, I have noticed a huge difference.  Again
though this is something you'll have to play around with to determine what works
best for you.  The "Pumping Insulin" book gives a handy equation to figure this
out.  I also have a different carb ratio for the mornings, for this is my most
difficult time.

> Please no hate mail.  I'm actually sincere here.  I'm looking for the truth,

I think the truth, and several others have said this, you will need to try for
yourself and experiment.

Good Luck!  Today's the day, right?  Enjoy :-)


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