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[IP] chinese

Okay, I've been doing this for almost a year now, but I still can't
figure out Chinese food.  Sat. night went out for Chinese, took 2 units
as I started, 2 units, immediately at the end of dinner, and then 2
units on a square wave over 1.5 hours.  (I usually use less than 4 units
for any kind of meal.)  Two hours later, I'm at 175.  Not bad.  take
another 1 unit and think all is well.  two hours later -- 210.  Take 2
units, one hour later - 271; one hours later - 286!  Take another 3
units, set a 2 unit square wave and go to bed.  Wake up at 75 in the
a.m.  Anyway, my dinner was 1/4 order of sesame noodles and 1/3 of an
order of General Tso's chicken (with only a little rice).  For that
entire meal I needed 14 units of insulin.  This is 1/2 of my normal
daily insulin usage.  Has anyone figured out how to do Chinese without
these incredible highs and huge amounts of insulin?

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