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Re: [IP] Getting a MiniMed pump


I really agree with what people have been saying about choice.  We are the ones
that wear the pump day in and day out.  I personally would be very upset if I
had to disconnect everyday to take a shower just because my doctor didn't know
how to use a very simple piece of machinery.  Don't let your doctor dictate.  Go
with what you want, you will be wearing it not him/her!.

my two cents worth,

> 3.  Lastly, I am a firm believer in choice, but if you are choosing one
> product line over anther because of what the company says they will not
> offer you in the near future, I must say I believe your choice is wrong.
> Choose the product you want, not because of what they may offer you in the
> future, remember, yesterday is a dream, and tomorrow a vision.  Live for
> today, not what might be.

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