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Re: [IP] Battling the insurance. . . .again!

> I know that
> the state passed Senate Bill 55 which mandated that all diabetes supplies
> and education be covered, 

Here's the loophole in that bill: supplies DO NOT HAVE to be covered,
but insurance companies must OFFER the coverage.  In other words, it is
a supplemental insurance that is tacked on as a rider.  Insurance
companies have to offer the coverage if you request it.  That does not
mean that it has to be cheap.  Sucks, huh?  I'm from Georgia and worked
very hard with the ADA to get SB55 passed.  We wanted it to provide
mandatory coverage under existing policies, but it wouldn't have
passed.  Insurance companies have deep pockets in GA and too many state
congressmen don't want to rock the insurance boat.  :-(

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