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Re: [IP] Stretch Marks

Nancy Ludwig wrote:
> Dear Natalie,
> What a wonderful name!! This is what we named our second daughter just two months ago  :-)

Seems like it's getting to be a popular name, but for most of my life,
I've been the only Natalie I know!!!! :)  
> I have found that the previous stretch marks from our eleven and a half pounder and the stretch marks from Natalie's ten and a half arrival have not caused me any problems.  Now my oldest is four now.  So my belly was slightly firm, and the sites were always good.  I still however can't use my belly to well, because of my skin still "shrinking".  It hurts to much to put the sites there.  I use the silhouette sets.

Well, my stretch marks are a lot older than yours! :)  My son was only 8
lb. but still, he did me in!!!  :)  I think what I'm going to have to do
is just try them -- I've taken some injections down there, and it seems
to be OK.
> Hope this helps, I guess I haven't had too much trouble with the sites in my belly and the stretch marks.  What does your doctor or trainer have to say about it?

Haven't actually seen the trainer -- I have an appt. on March 3 -- took
forever to get the pump, and now it's taking forever to get started! I
will ask at the appt, but I don't know whether they KNOW or not! 

Seems to me that real pumpers who live with it every day know a WHOLE
lot more than the docs and trainers when it comes to daily-life issues!


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