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Re: [IP] why log

if you're on a computer to get your email, then you should have some form
of spreadsheet software somewhere on it... I use excel and have designed a
simple little template that I keep track of the bg #'s... docs and I love

in my kitchen I have a calendar with big boxes on it, write down all the
data on it and when I have time, I copy the calendar info onto the
spreadsheet... I have a small calendar that I got for free from my bank
*going into y2k, calendars are a big give away* and when I'm out, I just
write all the stuff in there and do the same with the spreadsheet...

keeping the spreadsheet helps me keep records just in case I ever have
insurance temper tantrums because they are clear and well organized...
right now, I have to pay cash for everything including dr visits *you
should try to pay cash for everything!!!... I spend over 3/4 of my total
monthly income just trying to pay for it, and I'm in school!!!*, so these
records are important for when the time comes when I do have some coverage...

just an idea because spreadsheets are free...why spend $$ unless you have
to???... if anyone wants a copy of my template for excel, email me and I'll
attach a copy for you to try...

Ellen B-C

At 01:23 AM 2/8/99 EST, you wrote:
>Sara, the info you mention logging sounds like a great idea!  Right now, the
>little logbook I'm using wouldn't be suitable for all that pertinent
>information.  Where do you obtain your log sheets/books???
>Linda  W.  >^.,.^<
>IDDM since 1950
>DMI 49 years
>happy pumper since 1/13/99  :o)
>In a message dated 2/7/99 5:52:31 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted
><< Sam wrote:
> > ....since I went on the pump I have a hard time motivating 
> > myself to log anything. When I go to the doctor, he doesn't look at
> > my logbook anymore, he just downloads my meter....I can also easily 
> > view the meter memory too, I have trouble seeing why I need to write 
> > everything down.
> I disagree with this...sorry Sam...I think there are more important things
> than just my blood sugar levels!!  I mean unless a person has an amazing
> and can remember the result last time they ate something out of the
> or if you want to see how you basals have changed, and maybe look at your
> numbers and rates for some seasonal, or busy time at work comparisons, then
> sure, why bother righting it all down.  But for me personally, I log so I
> see what I ate, and what kind of an effect it is having on me.  On my log, I
> write my bs, the basal I am currently on, how much bolus I took for what I
> and how much I covered if necessary.  It is a full page for each day, so
> is also room to write down if i worked out, how much, and exactly what I
> including  a column for Carbs...so in 4 weeks if I decide to try Peking
> stirfried shrimp burger (or whatever i happen to be eating out of the
> and I don't remember what insulin i took last time, I can look back in my
> and see "oh, 4.2 units was too much.  I crashed so maybe this time I will
> 3.9."  Otherwise...based merely on the carbs, I would have again bolused 4.2
> and again crashed....of course this is assuming that all things are...if it
> PMS week and my basals are up, or if it is less stressful, cuz my log would
> tell me that the first time i ate this I was very stressed, and this time I
> on vacation...all these things can help me better refine my guess.  Cuz
> really, folks, that is what most of this is...you take your facts...add them
> together and stir in some uncontrollable stress, MSG and strep, and who
> what is gonna happen!
> but anyway, that is one of the reasons WHY I write it all down.  Another is
> I can see what garbage I am putting in my mouth, and understand why I might
> getting fat...It is not the PUMP making me fat...it is the fact that I am
> eating MORE than my body needs (duh), and since I take insulin for what I
> I get fat just like a "non-defective" person.
> Sara
> who is back in Chicago and with out a tummyache this time - YAH HOOOOO >>
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