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Re: [IP] Highs after drive

Yes, this always happens to me too. I just have to remember to bolus.  If I
eat something, I also find I need a much  bigger bolus to cover it.   Not
sure of the mechanism, but it seems to have something to do with the
inactivity and fixed body position.  When I'm sitting for a long period of
time,say at an extended conference, I get the same effect.

<<<<<In a message dated 2/6/99 8:26:37 AM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted
<< what I can do to stop highs from happening after I long
 distances.  I drive for about two hours and when I finish, my blood
 sugar rises about 60 points.  I wear the pump in my abdomen.  If anyone
 has any suggestions, please let me know. >>

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