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RE: [IP] tubing

Something that I have found personally if that when I drink Club Soda, not
seltzer, I tend to feel better faster.

The reason is that Club Soda contains salts. Specifically Potassium
Bicarbonate, which assists in balancing the electrolyte and acid/base
balance of the body.


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> I had problems with my silhouette set last night, the tubing came out from
> under my skin and was laying on top of the tape. Since they are the same
> color I didn't even see it.
> I didn't really start looking until this morning when I woke up with a 339
> and sick from moderate ketones.
> Mini-Med should make the tape or the tubing different colors.
> My  next question is when you discover the problem of high BG and ketones
> are there any foods better for you then others when you are
> hungry and want
> to eat that would help your body flush the ketones out.(besides water)
> Carol
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