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Re: [IP] Battling the insurance. . . .again!

I have no quick fixes but this could help:
Get your doctor and you to separately write a letter explaining you are a type 1
diabetic and that without blood testing you cannot eat, exercise or drive safely
since you will be unable to monitor your insulin doses.  You could point out
that you are hoping they understand how expensive ER and paramedics and hospital
care for the kind of accidents you could easily incur are.  Be sure you find out
who the case manager or medical director is and address your letter to that
person (otherwise it may take weeks or months for them to even read it).

Good luck!

Andry Kennedy wrote:

> Ughhh!  Just when you think your battles with the insurance are over, they
> patch another piece of red tape on you!
> Since October of '98 I had finally gotten all of my diabetic supplies
> covered -- pump supplies, insulin, and monitor test strips.  Well, I tried
> to change my prescription this past month to the Comfort Curve Strips (I had
> been using the AccuChek Advantage strips) and I was  told that my test
> strips in the past were covered "by mistake", and I would no longer receive
> any type of test strips at the wonderful bargain prescription price, past
> prescription or not.
> Georgia pumpers -- do any of you use Cigna health insurance?  I know that
> the state passed Senate Bill 55 which mandated that all diabetes supplies
> and education be covered, but I have been told that this bill, even though
> it was passed in April of '98 and went into effect in July of '98 is still
> under debate by the insurance companies.  As much as I enjoy my Accuchek
> complete monitor, I'm willing to change monitors so I can get the strips
> covered by insurance -- they are so costly!  Please feel free to e-mail me
> privately with your comments/advice.
> Thanks to all for your help (and letting me vent a bit (<;).
> Best Regards,
> Andry Kennedy
> email @ redacted
> Type 1 - 25 years
> MiniMed 507c - July '98
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