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Re: [IP] Exercise problem

I think I've figured out the following about exercise, at least for me:

My bgs drop precipitously in the first laps or minutes or 1/2 hour (starting
segment) of exercise.  If I start too high (over 180) without enough residual
basal running, I go up through the roof and its a disaster.  If I don't get above
120 before I start and eat some quick stuff for that first segment, I crash.
Sometimes even with this, I still need to eat some candy as I go.

However, after my body adjusts, if I continue the same exercise for 45-hour, my
bgs stabalize and I burn carbs at a slow but predictable rate.  I need a lower
basal than usual but if I turn it off entirely, after an hour or so, I go too high
very fast.  I can sometimes turn the basal off before and turn it back on after 45
minutes or so.   If I am working hard and fast for a long consistent period I may
need more carbs, but I don't crash at any where near the rate I do early on.

If I keep it up, (long hike, etc) my bgs eventually begin to rise.  Sometimes this
is the rest of the carbs I ate earlier hitting, but even when those are accounted
for, I do see a rise.  At this point I can return my basal to normal.  My husband
says that this must be where you see the dump from the hormones (adrenalin etc)
into your blood stream.  Makes sense, since I often find my bg goes up after
incidents where my adrenalin is running (interviews etc).   With the regular
basal, I can often finish in the 70-120 bg range and stay there for anywhere from
1/2 hour to 2 hours afterwards.

After an hour or 2 my bgs start to climb and I need bolus to get down.  If I catch
it immediately, it seems to take less total bolus than if I miss and catch it in
the 250-300 range. That could be good old insulin resistance (but since this
happens so fast it seems a little too fast for that) or it could be that muscle
fatigue makes me insulin resistant.  It does seem to happen more acutely when I am
sore and tired.

Having typed this, I am seeing in writing for the first time what I think I have
just started to really understand.  Don't know if that helps or if others see
anything similar.  You will of course have to experiment with the exercise you are
doing, the foods you eat and the timing.

email @ redacted wrote:

> I'd like to run this by experienced pumpers and maybe somebody will spot
> something I'm doing that can be corrected. Today, 2/7/99, at 8:45 woke with a
> 157 bg.  Bolused 3.7 for breakfast which had 37 CHO.  Started exercise at noon
> with 195 bg.  Set a temp bolus of .04 (normally .06) for 1 1/2 hours.  After
> 30 min. on treadmill set at 2.4, I was down to 50 bg.  Had 4 oz. of juice and
> a graham cracker bar, 18 CHO.  20 min. later, was 112 bg, resumed exercise
> with just weights for 1/2 hour.  Tested at 191!!!  Tested again at 20 min
> later and went to 218.  Bolused 2.3 for high bg and a few min. later had a
> small lunch and Bolused 1.4 for about 15 CHO.  At 4pm tested 119 bg.  Lots of
> test lots of #'s I don't understand.  The 50 after aerobic threw me.  What can
> I do to exercise one whole hour w/o a low followed by highs?  I love this site
> as I get all kinds of info that I relate to.  Thanks for any help at all.  Am
> working with an educator that will call me next Tues. am.  Just thought I
> would check with my fellow pumpers.
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