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Re: [IP] tattoos


got a new tattoo this past summer on my outer upper thigh and didn't have a
problem with it...*shaded turquoise tribal design, lavender rose in the
middle with my grandson's name and birthdate on the edge, about 6"x3"*
actually, the one I had done pre-D 20 years ago gave me more trouble
*yellow long stemed rose with peach shadings (approx. 4" x 3") on my lower
left tummy for my daughter, the mom of grandson who now has me sporting his
name and birthday 24/7... *S* *... just make sure that the tattoo shop is
spotless, properly licensed, you have seen the artist's work on other
people, have had a chance to hang out and watch the artist at work on
someone, they use disposable needles and supplies... normal health

actually, my bg's stayed stable all through the entire process and were
kind of low for the next few days... healed up perfectly too... 

just follow the same precautions that you use for your canula site and also
the directions from the artist... neosporin is a necessity!!!!!

have used the skin inside of the yellow rose for insertion and no scaring
to mess up the lines... hides the bruse if you hit something too... *S*

don't be shy about questions... if I can help, go ahead and email me
privately... *S*

Ellen B-C

At 08:15 PM 2/7/99 -0500, you wrote:
>      any input would be appreciated.   Julie 
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