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[IP] Carb counting

One: I carry huge SweetTarts with me, in EVERY POCKET- a pack of four,
costs 33c, each one is 9 grams of fast-acting dextrose.

Two: Here's my biggest, most sinful, most regular indulgence since going
onthe pump: CHOCOLATE. Five squares of Lindt pistachio milk chocolate is
about (where's my wrapper?) 21-24 grams carbohydrate. I bolus at
slightly less thanone unit for ten grams carb, works like a charm. 

Last week,as I worked on a story at my computer and the boys were at
their dad's, I pigged out on chocolate and coffee all day long.....I
couldn't sleep that night, and for the first time in years, it had
NOTHING to do with low blood sugars.....it was the caffeine!!!

So- dammit, let's not feel guilty. We've struggled enough.

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