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Re: [IP] Getting a MiniMed pump

>      Well, I visited with my endo last Thursday, and have pretty much made up
> my mind to go on the pump. 
>      I researched both companies as  much as I could, and was pretty much
> decided on the Disetronic pump. I live in Minneapolis, the US Disetronic HQ,
> and thought that would be a plus with the D pump. Together with being
> waterproof, delivering insulin every three minutes, and getting a backup pump,
> I thought it was the best choice for me.
>      However, my endo is very involved with MiniMed, and with over 150
> patients on the pump, only a couple of them use the Disetronic. He emphasized


Did your endo have a rather fine set of golf clubs given him by the
Minimed rep perhaps? It's a tough old world out there, and there are
plenty of stories of Minimed (and Disetronic) playing dirty with
kick-backs to doctors who agree to put all their patients exclusively
with one company.

If your endo and his team are incapable of learning how to press the
buttons on a Disetronic pump as well, then shame on them. You're the one
who will be living with the pump 24 hours a day. Not them. So it's your
choice. My endo here in Germany puts both pumps on the table for the
patient to examine, and lets the patient choose.

His musings and vague promises about continuous glucose sensors are
drivel. The sensor is not designed to be connected to the pump, so I'd
be surprised if it's legal to deny you a sensor just because you're not
an existing "customer". And does he really think that after 4-6 weeks
you will have perfected your basals and never have to change them again?
Tosh. My basals change every time the weather changes.

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