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Re: [IP] Exercise problem

My reaction to your experience of bgs bouncing around while you exercised is
that I wish I could stay between 100 and 200 on an exercise day.
Invariable, like you, I have numbers that don't quite make sense, and bounce
like crazy.  Cant offer help, but you are not alone. Ditman
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Date: Sunday, February 07, 1999 1:58 PM
Subject: [IP] Exercise problem

>I'd like to run this by experienced pumpers and maybe somebody will spot
>something I'm doing that can be corrected. Today, 2/7/99, at 8:45 woke with
>157 bg.  Bolused 3.7 for breakfast which had 37 CHO.  Started exercise at
>with 195 bg.  Set a temp bolus of .04 (normally .06) for 1 1/2 hours.
>30 min. on treadmill set at 2.4, I was down to 50 bg.  Had 4 oz. of juice
>a graham cracker bar, 18 CHO.  20 min. later, was 112 bg, resumed exercise
>with just weights for 1/2 hour.  Tested at 191!!!  Tested again at 20 min
>later and went to 218.  Bolused 2.3 for high bg and a few min. later had a
>small lunch and Bolused 1.4 for about 15 CHO.  At 4pm tested 119 bg.  Lots
>test lots of #'s I don't understand.  The 50 after aerobic threw me.  What
>I do to exercise one whole hour w/o a low followed by highs?  I love this
>as I get all kinds of info that I relate to.  Thanks for any help at all.
>working with an educator that will call me next Tues. am.  Just thought I
>would check with my fellow pumpers.
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