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Re: [IP] Re:New to list

>  His Nurse Practitioner told me
> that insurance companies have been refusing coverage unless a person
> is on MDI and has at least 4 blood sugars/day documented.  I have
> written to our insurance company to check out coverage (usually
> 80%). Was that a mistake?   Should I just drop it or pursue it
> further? 

Many insurance companies seem to refuse because they think they can 
get away with it. As far as I know, those on the list who persist 
(myself included) have always been successful with the insurance 
companies if you continue to press your case and won't give up. In 
the case of my daughter, I purchased the pump, received the bill 
(didn't pay it of course) and spent the next year and a half 
battling Blue Shield. I took it to the highest level of appeal 
without success and then wrote them and "I'm going to sue you" 
letter. The policy does NOT say that pumps are excluded. Therefore as 
"standard" durable medical equipment they are covered. Anyway, 4 
weeks later the account was paid. Since then, I know this particular 
insurance company has "loosened up" and no longer gives that kind of 
trouble. This may be the case nationwide, but there are still 
problems. Just stick to your guns.
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