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[IP] re: skiing

Steve wrote:

> Basic rule in pumping, if you eat carbos you need to bolus...
> Same goes when you were at lunch skiing.  If it were me, I 
> would have had lunch, bolusing about BD of what I usually \
> would and set my basal at =.4 or.5.  You need to get ahead 
> of the situation, not play catch up.

Since i dont remember what Aaron wrote were his after lunch basals, I can only
comment from personal experience that sometimes you CAN and MUST eat carbos
without bolusing.  Some of the high endurance exercisers on the list have
written about times when they ate during their work out without bolusing, and
ending up with normal or evne low blood sugars.  If I eat before a workout AND
bolus appropriately, I WILL crash, no ifs ands or buts.  ( can eat up to 30 or
45 grams of CHO before a workout, and if I start the meal with a s under about
180 and work out for about 2 hours, which is normal, then I can get home with
a sugar of 120-150...PERFECT!  If I had bolused that 2 or 3 units for that 30
or 45 grams...I would have needed an entire jar of dex tabs to pick myself off
the gym floor...

If I am normal before the workout, I wont change my basals either, HOWEVER, if
I don't eat before my workout for whatever reason, and I am under 180, I turn
my pump OFF for the workout.  I can not work out with a starting sugar of
under 150, even with the basal OFF...I will crash.  I hav adjusted my basals
to drop everyday around 4 pm to .4 (.6 on PMS week), cuz I normally work out
around 7 pm, and then eat dinner afterwards...I still have a crash now and
then, but not huge bad ones, and since I take my little meter down with me and
test whenever I feel like it (and BOY do i like to make a PRODUCTION number of
it <vbg> ), when i get off the climber, when i am done rowing, etc.  I feel
quite comfortable with my levels.

But as with everything else in life...YMMV

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