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[IP] why log

Sam wote:

> ....since I went on the pump I have a hard time motivating 
> myself to log anything. When I go to the doctor, he doesn't look at
> my logbook anymore, he just downloads my meter....I can also easily 
> view the meter memory too, I have trouble seeing why I need to write 
> everything down.

I disagree with this...sorry Sam...I htink there are more important things
than just my blood suar levels!!  I mean unless a person has an amazing memory
and can remember the result last time they ate something out of the ordinary,
or if you want to see how you basals have changed, and maybe look at your
numbers and rates for some seasonal, or busy time at work comparisons, then
sure, why bother righting it all down.  But for me personally, I log so i can
see what i ate, and what kind of an effect it is having on me.  On my log, I
write my bs, the basal I am currently on, how much bolus i took for what i ate
and how much i covered if necessary.  It is a full page for each day, so there
is also room to write down if i worked out, how much, and exactly what I ate,
including  a columnn for Carbs...so in 4 weeks if I decide to try peking
stirfried shrimp burger (or whatever i happen to be eatng out of the ordinary)
and I dont remember what insulin i took last time, I can look back in my log
and see "oh, 4.2 units was too much.  I crashed so maybe this time I will try
3.9."  Otherwise...based merely on the carbs, I would have again bolused 4.2
and again crashed....of course this is assuming that all things are...if it is
PMS week and my basals are up, or if it is less stressful, cuz my log would
tell me that the first time i ate this I was very stressed, and this time I am
on vacation...all these things can help me better refine my guess.  Cuz
really, folks, that is what most of this is...you take your facts...add them
together and stir in some uncontrollable stress, MSG and strep, and who KNOWS
what is gonna happen!

but anyway, that is one of the reasons WHY I write it all down.  Another is so
I can see what garbage i am puttng in my mouth, and understand why i might be
getting fat...It is not the PUMP making me fat...it is the fact that I am
eating MORE than my body needs (duh), and since i take insulin for what I eat,
I get fat just like a "non-defective" person.

who is back in Chicago and with out a tummyache this time - YAH HOOOOO

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