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[IP] Getting a MiniMed pump

     Well, I visited with my endo last Thursday, and have pretty much made up
my mind to go on the pump. 
     I researched both companies as  much as I could, and was pretty much
decided on the Disetronic pump. I live in Minneapolis, the US Disetronic HQ,
and thought that would be a plus with the D pump. Together with being
waterproof, delivering insulin every three minutes, and getting a backup pump,
I thought it was the best choice for me.
     However, my endo is very involved with MiniMed, and with over 150
patients on the pump, only a couple of them use the Disetronic. He emphasized
how great the service is from MiniMed, and pushed the glucose sensor that
MiniMed is about to bring to market. His clinic will be one of several around
the country to be the first to have the sensors available, and they will only
be offered to MiniMed pump users at first. They will not be available for
purchase, but as he explained they will be given to patients to wear for 4-6
weeks to fine tune basal rates, with the idea being that you would optimize
your levels in that period of time and perhaps wouldn't have to test quite as
often after  that. (I'm sure I would still test at least 4 times a day, just
to be safe.)
     If I could get the sensor sooner by choosing a MiniMed pump, I think it
would be worth it. My endo really tried to discourage me from the Disetronic,
not because it was a bad pump, but because he was unfamiliar with it and would
feel a lot more comfortable with me on the MiniMed, since he and his staff
know it well. Maybe with a MiniMed I would also be able to get an implantable
pump sooner, when they become available??
     I'm going to contact the MiniMed rep tomorrow and if insurance covers it,
probably go with it. I'm sure either pump is going to give me much better
control and be a lot easier to live with than the multiple injections I'm
doing now. BTW, I've got Blue Cross/Blue Shield Aware Gold health insurance -
if any pumpers out there have the same coverage and could tell me how much of
the pump was covered, please let me know.

Thanks in advance - 

Matt Braun
Type 1 since 1993
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/