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Re: [IP] Re: carb. counting & the pump

At 12:10 PM 2/7/1999  Ted Quick wrote:
>That's why I always want to respond to a low with 4 or 5 Life-Savers: it
>and I don't bounce high later, provided I treated it soon enough.

Are you saying that 4-5 Life-Savers will raise my BGs faster than a big
king-sized Snickers bar or a big bag of M&M's? You're spoiling all my
fun... :-)

Actually, my first reaction (pun intended) is to grab some glucose tabs...
I always carry these with me. If my low BGs continue beyond the next 20
minutes, then I get a little carried away (not literally), and have
something more interesting.  During a trip out of state, last week I had a
low BG episode where I dropped and the glucose tabs didn't work. So, I next
raided the local vending machine... after having a bag of M&M's and a candy
bar, I was still below 70, an hour later. Since it was just about bed-time
and I needed to get up early for work the next morning, a bag of chocolate
chip cookies followed. (yummy!!)

I would have expected a major re-bound but I was only about 123 in the
morning. I checked my boluses for dinner and I had not accidentally given
myself anything out of the ordinary. Go figure...


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