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Re: [IP] Re: carb. counting & the pump

Yiannis wrote in regard to nighttime bg checks:

>Mary Jean,
>don't say that. I believe we don't have to promise miraculous because
>changes of seasons,temperature or activities, change the insulin
>of our organisations.
>For some of us less often and for some of us (like me) more often.
>I have to change my basals almost every month(open new windows,close
>increase or decrease existing windows) and I win a period of perfect sugars.
>BUT we have the perfect tool (pump) which let us know when,how and how much
>we need to correct our insulin doses.
>Yiannis Kasidas
>I don't give up.
>>As for checking your blood sugar in the middle of the night... you'll need
>>to do this at first to get your basals set right. Once you have them
>>correct, you really won't need to check and you won't likely be sipping on
>>that juice, either.  I used to have nighttime hypos pretty regularly before
>>the pump.  I don't recall having one in the two years I've been pumping.
>>Good luck!
>>Mary Jean

Yes, I may have given the wrong impression here.  What I meant to say was
that after the basals are set, most pumpers don't need to check in the
middle of the night every night, and most pumpers stop experiencing
nighttime hypos.  Of course, one of the cardinal rules with pumping is
"YMMV" (your mileage may vary--meaning not everyone will respond the same
way.)  There will certainly be changes in basal requirements, I've been
through two major overhauls, and when that occurs, testing during the night
is essential.

Sorry for any misunderstanding.
Mary Jean

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