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[IP] clarification

I have received several private mails from some on the list regarding my
CF-DM post, Apparently I did not make myself clear and I am sorry for
that it was a mistake, not what I said but maybe how it was said.
I did not attempt to say that parents who are upset about there
children's illness should not show it, I merely meant to say that
children feel guilty at times for putting there parents through a very
difficult and extremely painful event.
I did not attempt to say that the kids who grew weary of fighting CF and
soon died committed suicide, I meant that what I have seen is children
is that much of the time they do not struggle with all the matters of
life and death when they are very ill, and some grow very tired and do
not want to fight a disease like CF anymore and the ones I was blessed
to know believed that there was another place after this life where the
would be disease free.
I can not attempt to answer a question like why some and not others, I
have ask myself that question every time I passed a marker that I was
suppose to be dead by, if I get an answer I will let you know.
I did not attempt to say that DM was not a horrible disease, only that
at this present time treatment is more effective and life preserving.
To clarify one other question presented to me, It would be my dream,
hope etc that all people live disease free and I would give my life if
it meant not another baby in this world was born with a genetic defect
or a pre-disposition to a disease like DM or any other, I did not intend
to say that because I had seen some children die young but accomplish
much that it was all they were needed for.
I hope that is clarifies some issue's as I hate to be mis-understood.
Take Care Each and Everyone of You

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