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[IP] Glucagon-Fire Department

Ellen, I'm glad to hear that the pump will help him in having fewer lows,
that will be a great relief.  I also hope I will not have to use the
glucagon either, but unfortunately just this year I've had the paramedics
out 2 times and in 98 atleast 4 that I can remember.  When he is
semi-conscious he will clamp his mouth shut and I don't dare put my
fingers in his mouth!  I feel bad for him cause when I tell him what goes
on he feels so bad but I know he has no control.  I will definitely let
him read your response and decide what he wants me to do.  I know what
you mean about the paramedics but luckily I have only had one "Bad"
incident with them, but now I watch them like a hawk and question
everything.  For the most part they are very good.  Do you or anyone else
know why they send out the fire department first?  Every time I have
called 911, the fire department comes first, yet they can't do anything. 
What gives?  Glenda
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