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[IP] Re:New to list

Hello Everyone, 
I have been reading the digest version for about two months.  I have a 15yo
son who was diagnosed with IDDM just before his 8th birthday.  He is on three
shots a day (Humalog and Lente).  We have been discussing a pump for almost a
year.  His endo said Josh has to really want it or it won't work out.  His
Nurse Practitioner told me that insurance companies have been refusing
coverage unless a person is on MDI and has at least 4 blood sugars/day
documented.  I have written to our insurance company to check out coverage
(usually 80%). Was that a mistake?   Should I just drop it or pursue it
further?  Josh has some issues with the pump that I believe would be resolved
if he could use a loaner.  Thanks for all the info- you all are great!!  BTW-
I am an RN  and we live in Louisville, KY.     Annette
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/