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Re: [IP] Forgot to bolus

At 05:39 AM 2/7/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
> just wanted to say that forgetting to bolus is not a teen phase I've
>had IDDM for 31 years now almost all my life so you would think it would
>be second nature to always remember our insulin, but there are times
>when I forget to bolus.  As adults we can also get distracted. There was
>a week when I forgot to give my breakfast bolus 3 times. Why Who knows ,
>the kids were fighting the phone ringing ?  I don't think I'm losing my
>mind or hope not, but sometimes this just happens. At least with the
>pump we know that we didn't give the bolus and can compensate for it .
>I don't take IDDm lightly, after all these years I still weigh and
>measure my food check my blood 6-10 times a day so I'm not being sloppy
>about taking care of myself, I just honestly forget many times I don't
>bolus till after I eat, because I tend to run low easily,
>Were only human

This happens to me all the time... I guess I could blame it on advancing
senility.  :-) 

Actually, I think its because doing a bolus is so easy, that it is easy to
forget too. When I was on MDI, I never forgot (well, maybe once... <vbg>).
With the pump, however, life is so much more normal that I often forget
that the pump is even there.


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