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Re: [IP] Glucagon

Yes.  The sooner you get it into him the less seizures you'll have.  It's not
actually all that hard.  I think the very hard part is dealing with this semi
or unconscious and often uncooperative person.  Practice dry runs with a
regular insulin syring and saline.  I usually vomit after I am conscious and
coherent again and I've certainly never thrown up on anyone!

Glenda A Lyssy wrote:

> My husband is waiting to get his pump and our last visit to the endo he
> gave us Glucagon to give to him when he is in trouble.  I have this fear
> of needles to begin with and when reading the directions it says they may
> vomit.  Has anyone used this and is this a problem?  I'm afraid if he get
> sick he may choke.  Do you still call EMT or just let the Glucagon work
> and how long and how many does it take?  He gave us 3 with refills.  The
> last time I had to call EMT he wasn't totally unconscious but out of it
> enough not to cooperate and very combative.  EMT had to hold him down to
> get an IV into him (his not a small guy)  Do I give him the injection
> when he is having seizures?  Any advice or suggestions would be most
> appreciative!
> Glenda
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