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Re: [IP] Not sure what to do,,,,


I mis-typed.  I take 4 shots a day on a sliding scale depending on my bg,
and what I plan on eating.  The problem that I would have with 40 units of
NPH, is that it doesn't start working for hours, and then I have to make
sure that I eat at just the right times to coincide with the insulin
peaking.  As it is now, I check by blood sugar 20 minutes before eating,
compensate for any highs, and give the insulin to go with that meal.  I keep
these blood sugars in pretty good ranges(rarely above 200), where I run into
trouble is with getting my NPH to coincide with the rest of my body while I
sleep.  Last night I woke up at 3 am with a 54 mg/dl BS, drank some juice,
and woke up with a 250!  I suspect I went into shock in my sleep, and the
high is a result of a hypo reaction in my sleep.  I think the pump will
ultimately let gain good control over my nights.


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>From: "Barb Pisut" <email @ redacted>
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP] Not sure what to do,,,,
>Date: Sun, Feb 7, 1999, 12:57 PM

> Mason,
>   I am definately leaning more toward the side of the pump with all the
> responses that I have gotten, and I wish you luck with it too, please
> keep in contact with me to let me know what you are experiencing -- good
> and bad<s>. As far as taking my two shots of 40N verses you taking 4
> shots (I imagine you mean 4cc's)of R at dinner and your mix at bedtime,
> aren't we both doing practically the same thing? I do have an endo and
> she is the one that really wants me to do this, she already has 12
> patients on it and she said they are all very happy. The one thing I'm
> worried about is learning, I had a hard enough time learning and going
> to classes just to learn when and how much to take when I do the shots,
> but I'm sure it's the same, it's just again something new! Well, thank
> you for your info and please keep me up to date on yourself as I will on
> myself.    Barb
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