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Re: [IP] Not sure what to do,,,,

  I am definately leaning more toward the side of the pump with all the 
responses that I have gotten, and I wish you luck with it too, please 
keep in contact with me to let me know what you are experiencing -- good 
and bad<s>. As far as taking my two shots of 40N verses you taking 4 
shots (I imagine you mean 4cc's)of R at dinner and your mix at bedtime, 
aren't we both doing practically the same thing? I do have an endo and 
she is the one that really wants me to do this, she already has 12 
patients on it and she said they are all very happy. The one thing I'm 
worried about is learning, I had a hard enough time learning and going 
to classes just to learn when and how much to take when I do the shots, 
but I'm sure it's the same, it's just again something new! Well, thank 
you for your info and please keep me up to date on yourself as I will on 
myself.    Barb

>Date: Sat, 06 Feb 1999 12:19:22 -0500
>Subject: Re: [IP] Not sure what to do,,,,
>From: "Mason Miller" <email @ redacted>
>To: email @ redacted
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>I would check out the pump, I am switching to the pump this coming 
>But even if you decide not to go on the pump, I would recommend seeing 
>Endo, or going to a diabetes center at a University Hospital.  I am not 
>doctor, but two big shots of NPH sounds like practices used in the 
>70's, not something I hear much about these days.  I take 4 shots of 
>Humulin at meal times, and mix regular and NPH at bedtime.  The nice 
>about multiple injections(or the pump) is that you have more chances 
>the day to catch problems before they get out of hand.
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>>From: "Barb Pisut" <email @ redacted>
>>To: email @ redacted
>>Subject: [IP] Not sure what to do,,,,
>>Date: Sat, Feb 6, 1999, 10:47 AM
>> Hi Everyone,
>>     My name is Barb and I live in Illinois. I'm 42 yrs old and have 
>> diabetes 1 since Dec. 96. I have been tossing back and forth the idea 
>> going on the pump, right now I take two injections 40Nph in the a.m. 
>> p.m., and I'm on a sliding scale (of R)if it goes any higher than 
150. I
>> don't have any problems with giving myself injections or anything 
>> but my doctor told me that this was so much simplier to use, I am 
>> trying to figure out how though, how do you know when to give 
>> another injection, do you work with the doctors on that or do you 
>> and then decide? This has been working on me for the past two weeks 
>> since she said "let's try it"! If anyone has any help they could give 
>> it would be greatly appreciated. First I was shocked to learn that I 
>> diabetes in the first place, there is no history of it in my family,
>> then when I got use to giving myself injections (stomach), she wants 
>> switch me to something else. I guess I'm just grasping for any sane
>> reason to switch, she thinks it's right, but I just have to make 
sure, I
>> know it will be something I have to live with for the rest of my 
>> Thanks for listening!!!!   Barb
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