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Re: [IP] Re: First Week of Pumping

Heather, let me know please how many units of NPH and Humalog was your
daily dose before the pump.
Yiannis Kasidas
35 years iddm, 8 months on pump.

>Thanks for the input...
>You are right I don't think my dr. knows much about pumping (however he did
>just come back from a seminar on it)  It was for Mini-med and everyone
>was supposed to wear a pump with saline, so they would know how it feels,
>he didn't)He said to me yesterday that 30% of pumpers do very  well on just
>one dose.  I thought to myself well what about the other 70%?  HELLO??
>I started Monday in the hospital off on 1.1 basal, Tuesday was upped to
>Wednesday I upped  it to 1.3, Thursday the dr. upped it to !.5, then Friday
>to 1.7.  It seems to me that maybe I was so low in the hosp. because of
>adrenaline and because they told me to take my regular dose of NPH the
>before and there may have been some lingering the next day.  It also seems
>me that if my sugars were regulated in the night like they should be i.e. a
>2nd profile then my day wouldn't start out so high and it would be better.
>then maybe that's just me.  My educator and I are getting together via the
>phone tomorrow and going over my sugars (graphing etc)since this latest
>to 1.7 and then I think we will work on a 2nd profile.
>I would ditch my endo but he is the only one on my insurance list.
>I just tested and it was 186, which for the past few days  is pretty good.
>However, it's  the weekend and I have done hardly anything other than
>AND eaten little or no carbs (my ratio is 6 to 1)
>I know things will get better but at times I miss the ole' shot of Humalog
>NPH. but only at times.
>Oh and as for Owen, what a horrible thing to put on this site.
>Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/