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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #795

Hi Everyone:

I just read a message that really bothered me, and I felt the need to
reply. The message was from Owen and I haven't been able to stop
thinking about this. I have had IDDM for 3/4 of my life (31 years) and I
think that we all have bad days, and I thought that this was a place
where we could air our feelings. This is like going to a support meeting
everyday.  It's nice to know that you are not alone with this disease
and the feelings that go along with it. Does Owen himself have IDDM? Or
is he a support person for someone?  Every once in a while I feel like I
have been given a life sentence but haven't we all at some time or
another. Managing this disease is a full-time job that we can't quit. I
think his message hit me so hard because a friend of mine's husband at
the age of 36 took his own life last week and left a 7 year old son
behind.  This man did not have IDDM or any other illness for that
matter, no one really knows why he did this.  So when I read this I
couldn't imagine why someone would even suggest this.  If you don't want
to read about people's hard or tough times skip over them.

Just had to get this out Thanks

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