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Re: [IP] Re: carb. counting & the pump

Good Morning Everyone,

Thank you for your answers.  I hope I don't sound like a total fool.  I'm just
being honest.  I'll take today for example.  I walked my dogs (4) of them in
the woods this morning.  They run free I walk at a good pace.  I did that for
about 2 hours.  Of course my bg was getting low.....I could feel it coming.  I
had lifesavers in my pocket...did I eat them no I went to the bakery instead
:).  Why eat lifesavers when you can have a donut :) actually I ate 2 donuts.
What is wrong with me?  Why can't I eat the right thing?  Is there anyone here
that does the same thing?  I can go maybe 2 months counting carbs, checking
bgs, doing  it right.  Then all of a sudden the flood gates open up and watch
out.  I'll lose 20 lbs, gain 20 lbs.  This is really getting ridiculous.  One
time I was in the baker and I had the lady weight a crum bun lol lol.  Is this
stupid or what?  By the way the crum bun weighed 4oz.  I can't imagine me with
this pump......I hope I'm not like a alcoholic locked in a liquor store...my
bolus button on the pump will be worn out...I'll need batteries weekly hehehe.

Karen  :)
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