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RE: [IP] cartridge usage

The Minimed uses a 3.0 ml reservoir with a luer lock connector and 22G
needle attached.

The reservoir is similar in size to the Disetronic cartridge, except that it
has a true luer lock on it, as opposed to the Disetronic which has a
friction attachment at the top.  The cannula on the Disetronic screws into
the adapter that screws onto the pump over the reservoir.


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> >What's to sterilize? As long as it hasn't had it's insuliin conaining
> areas or
> >Luer-Lok connector exposed to any possible contamination IT IS sterile!
> actually once you open the package it is no longer sterile, but
> coming from
> experience not right on the connection but close to it gets dirty , mainly
> because it is in my pockets..
> what type of item does the MM use to hold insulin?
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