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[IP] Forgot to bolus

 just wanted to say that forgetting to bolus is not a teen phase I've
had IDDM for 31 years now almost all my life so you would think it would
be second nature to always remember our insulin, but there are times
when I forget to bolus.  As adults we can also get distracted. There was
a week when I forgot to give my breakfast bolus 3 times. Why Who knows ,
the kids were fighting the phone ringing ?  I don't think I'm losing my
mind or hope not, but sometimes this just happens. At least with the
pump we know that we didn't give the bolus and can compensate for it .
I don't take IDDm lightly, after all these years I still weigh and
measure my food check my blood 6-10 times a day so I'm not being sloppy
about taking care of myself, I just honestly forget many times I don't
bolus till after I eat, because I tend to run low easily,
Were only human
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