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RE: [IP] Glucagon

You are correct.

But I will give you an interesting one. THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL
RECCOMENDATION, this comes from my own personal experiences.

Since I was first diagnosed, back in 1978, my mom has always used cake
frosting in the little squeeze tubes for my low BGs, which resulted in

You squeeze the frosting between the cheeks and gums and it is readily
absorbed, this usually gets my sugar up enough so that I can take something
PO without difficulty, although I do tend to be belligerent and on occasion

The rule of thumb that I give to my patients is this:

1. If conscious and able to take something PO, use some form
   of rapidly absorbed CHO.  (OJ, Apple Juice, sugar, cake
   frosting, etc.)

2. If semi-conscious or unconscious, Use 1 amp of Glucagon
   injected SC, if no response repeat x 1.  If there is no
   response to the first amp of Glucagon, EMS should be
   activated.  In individuals Glucagon can take from 5 to 15
   minutes for a response.  MOST if not all low BGs will
   respond to the first amp of Glucagon.  You should not
   split a dose of Glucagon, unless you have been so
   directed by a physician.

Just my 2 cents worth, again.


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> One of our medical members please jump in here if this is not exactly
> correct.
> Glucagon is best used when the patient is unresponsive and/or has no gag
> reflex. For a full grown adult, give them the entire injection in a nice
> place like the butt.
> IF and only if they are responsive or out of it but can still swallow or
> have a gag reflex, you can give them glucose gel by mouth, 25 to 50 grams
> (that's usually 1 to 3 ounces). This stuff comes in a tube and can be
> purchased at the drug store. You rub in on their gums and mucus membrans
> and it will be absorbed directly into the blood stream.
> Both glucose and gluagon administered correctly will bring the patient
> around in 15 minutes or so.
> This information comes from members of the list and is therefor third
> hand although I have used glucose gel under these circumstances myself.
> If you want definitive medical advice, consult your medical team.
> Michael
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