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[IP] Re: doctor says no...what to do?

In a message dated 2/6/99 10:13:05 AM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< > Well my doctor called me and said
 > that he didn't think I would need it. I was crushed! I would like
 > some advice on what I should do next. I really like my doctor a lot.
 > I really thought he would give me the ok...I really just don't know
 > what I should do next.

 Get a new doc. Or maybe ask him to walk a day in your shoes
  Michael >>

Michael, I have read your responses to many others over the last couple of
weeks, and I think you must have been very tired when you answered this one!
If not, then 10 lashes with a wet noodle to you!  

I guess your 2 suggestions might make a difference.  But who's to say the next
doctor won't have the same outdated attitude?  Realistically, unless he is
also diabetic, how could he POSSIBLY wear shoes that any of us here in this
forum have to wear every day??  

Sounds like this doctor either hasn't had any experience with insulin pumping
patients and/or doesn't realize the benefits of CSII vs. MDI in view of long-
term treatment/control/complication reduction.  

I don't know who originally wrote about this, but don't be discouraged.  I had
to ask my specialist many times before he "finally saw the light".  I wouldn't
give up on a well thought of doctor.  Instead, ask him/her point blank, "Why
not?"  I would tell him exactly what you told us "I was crushed....I really
like my doctor a lot...I really thought he would give me the ok"
 I would also go to the MiniMed website and request their free information
booklet and VCR tape and also ask for a local representative to contact you.
After reading and viewing the material they send you yourself, I would then
give it to your doctor.  Tell him you want him to this material and then you
would like him to speak directly to one the representative.  If he/she has not
been exposed to insulin therapy, then let him/her know you two can become
familiar together.  If, after all that, he still says he doesn't think you
need it, and you still feel you do, then tell him you will have to find a
doctor who will work with you in your best interests.  

Don't be afraid to be honest with this doctor about how you feel.  After all,
he/she is just a regular person like you and me, albeit with a medical
education.  This doesn't make him/her a God, or someone who's unapproachable.
Be yourself with him.  He should be like any other friend, but better! 

(oops-just reread my response.  If there is a website for Disitronics(sp?),
and I'm sure there is, then I would contact them also.  I only have experience
with MiniMed.)

Hope this helps.

Linda Winey  >^.,.^<
IDDM since 1950
MDI 49 years
Happy pumper (who's already getting under tighter control and feeling more
energetic) since 1/13/99  :o) 
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/