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[IP] re: unexplained lows on a D pump

Delaine M. Wright wrote:
<<<At a recent pumpers support group that I facilitate, this has 
come up a few times.  I promised I would post the question to a 
much larger support group with a greater number of D users and 
report back on the finding next month. The 2 Disetronic users in 
concerned that this seems to suggest an overdelivery. None of the 
seen or heard of this before?  Any thoughts on whether this could 
be a mechanical or a physiologic issue??  I'd like to provide these 
pumpers with some answers, if there are any.  Thanks for your 

I would venture that it is physiologic, but if they are concerned 
about the operation of their pump, using the back-up pump usually 
calms those concerns.

George Lovelace
D pumper 8/13/98
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/