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Subject: [IP] Re: carb. counting & the pump

Hi Karen,
I'm brand new too and you've asked a question that I need an answer to also.
I'm newly diagnosed Type  1 (12/98) at age 31 and on the pump by 1/99 since my
internist believed I would be a good candidate since I hope to start a family
soon.  I have been trying to count carbs and deliver 1unit humalog per 20
carbs.  I was really careful about my diet the first 4 weeks but now that I'm
on the pump I feel such freedom that I know I'm indulging and bolusing to
offset.  Logical to me but when I asked my doc if I had license to eat
whatever he said "NO!"  The best I can tell from all of my research is that
counting and controlling carbs is the ticket and delivering the right amount
of insulin based on individual need.  My numbers have been well under 200 and
usually in the 90-120 range which is what I shoot for.  Anyone who can
elaborate on mastering the chemistry of food vs. insulin for us new pumpers
would be appreciated.  
Mikki Speed
Memphis, TN
email @ redacted (home)
email @ redacted (work)
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