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Re: [IP] High bgs in car

In-activity such as sitting in a car vs normal getting up, walking, 
moving around, will cause your insulin requirements to go up as much as 
10 to 20%.  Lily typically increases her basals or will over bolus when 
we travel from the bay area to Tahoe. She'll up them 0.1u/hr for the 
travel time or set a temporary basal rate. She usually runs 0.5u/hr 
during the day.


On Sat, 6 Feb 1999, DIANE MASSEY wrote:

> Last summer we drove about 14 hours in one day. This was pre-pump, but
> Lauren's bgs ran in the 300's all day (both to and from home)....they were
> really tough to get down..... really baffled me.  I had forgotten about it
> until I read the recent thread.  I am glad to hear others have had the same
> phenomenon.  I will look for it this summer.
> Diane Massey
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