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Re: [IP] Glucagon

Glenda, I would discuss your options with your husband.  If he is combative,
that could be dangerous for you and you should probably call for help.  I,
personally, hate glucagon and have told my husband to only use it as a last
resort, like if I am unconscious and he can't squirt gel into my mouth.  The
reason I hate it is because it makes me feel sick for about 12 hours.
However, I have also told him to not call the paramedics, that I would prefer
to die at home.  I realize this is extreme, but then I have had some pretty
bad experiences with these people.  Anyway, our plan is to try to give me
glucose gel, then glucagon, then I guess the ER.  I do think it is important
to discuss all your options with your husband.  BTW, I have not had any bad
lows since being on the pump.  In fact, the last bad reaction I had was during
my second pregnancy 16 years ago.  Good luck.  ellen  
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