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[IP] Why Two Pumps!

The following message was sent this evening to Disetronic as soon as a reply
is received it will be immediately forwarded to the list.


----- Begin Transmittal ----

To: Disetronic Support Staff <email @ redacted>
From: CJ Ferry <email @ redacted>
Date: 06-FEB-99  19:01:32
Security:  none
Priority: High

The following question has come up several times in various email lists and
news groups regarding the reason and rationale for Disetronic providing two
insulin pumps to it's customers and MiniMed only provides one.

Rumor has been varied and great from reliability issues to governmental
requirements in other countries.

Please provide a definitive answer that may be passed along to the groups.


CJ Ferry, RN, BSN
Certified Pump Trainer

----- End Transmittal -----

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