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Re: [IP] Re: carb. counting & the pump

Karen wrote:
>People on the site said.....I feel free after going on the pump.....I can eat
>anything......Do you count your carbs on anything you want to eat and send in
>the insulin?  Do you actually figure out the carbs or are some of you just
>guessing like me.  Speaking for myself I can drink a few glasses of Bailey's,
>have a sinful dinner and shoot in the humalog and 2 hours later get a pretty
>good reading (lets say 144).


>So, getting back to my questions.  Do you eat really healthy? Do you carb
>count exactly for the meal or guess count, like me :).

I can't speak for everyone here, but if I were to just guess at my carbs, I
would be in trouble.  If you can do that with good results, count yourself
lucky.  In answer to your question... YES!  I do count my carbs as exactly
as I can.  I weigh or measure anything that has carbs and am a fanatic
label reader.  My control has been MUCH better since I started doing this.
I don't take it to the point of carting all that equipment into a
restaurant with me, I usually guess there, and then come home and check all
evening...  often, I'm high.

And yes, I do eat just about whatever I want, and I bolus for it.  I still
have trouble with chocolate cake, however.  I've mastered cookies and ice
cream, and pie, and I was even given a box of REAL chocolates for
Christmas, which I am working my way through.  I don't want to give the
impression that I eat only this kind of stuff.  I do eat a balanced diet
for the most part, weighing my baked potatoes and measuring my pasta.  But
because of my pump, and carb counting, I am not afraid to treat myself to a
cookie after dinner.

As for checking your blood sugar in the middle of the night... you'll need
to do this at first to get your basals set right. Once you have them
correct, you really won't need to check and you won't likely be sipping on
that juice, either.  I used to have nighttime hypos pretty regularly before
the pump.  I don't recall having one in the two years I've been pumping.

Good luck!
Mary Jean

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