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[IP] Two D-pumps that give an end of use error! Help?

Hey, I'm in Santa Cruz and on the pump 4 years... pump #2
gave an error #9 a week ago, whereupon I started reusing
pump #1 (which had gone in for maintainance a while back
and should have been reset).  Guess what?  Pump #1 was
apparently not reset!  I got a #9 from it last night (do
you know how much fun it is to drive 45 minutes to an 
all-night pharmacy -- well ok makje your spouse drive 
since I don't)

At any rate, Disetronic can't get me a pump until Tuesday,
and unfortunately did not provide me with the name of the 
local rep for sure (I spoke with someone who I guess could
have been but I'm not sure).  Anyone know who the local 
rep is?  I'm on the blood sugar yo-yo right now and really
don't relish the prospect of waking up in a puddle of
corn syrup meowing while my husband sits on me trying to
jam glucagon into my writhing self :)

Thanks for any info!  Hellllp?

email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/