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[IP] Re: carb. counting & the pump

Hi Everyone,

A question about eating/ carb counting & using the pump.   I'm new at this
site and it seems you all know what you are doing.  I can't believe I have
been diabetic for so long and I feel lost here.  I'm starting the pump on
Monday and I really do not understand what you all are saying????? square
waves, temp waves, basal 4 x's a day?

I don't know what my bg is at night.  If I feel low at 3am I drink juice.  No
one every told me to check my bgs at 12am and 3am.  If ever I felt low during
the night I only drank juice and checked myself in the am.

People on the site said.....I feel free after going on the pump.....I can eat
anything......Do you count your carbs on anything you want to eat and send in
the insulin?  Do you actually figure out the carbs or are some of you just
guessing like me.  Speaking for myself I can drink a few glasses of Bailey's,
have a sinful dinner and shoot in the humalog and 2 hours later get a pretty
good reading (lets say 144).

I don't know...... you all talk a good game but then I read....one has their
leg cut off, one is going blind and other has kidney problems.  This is really
scary stuff.

So, getting back to my questions.  Do you eat really healthy? Do you carb
count exactly for the meal or guess count, like me :).

Please no hate mail.  I'm actually sincere here.  I'm looking for the truth,
maybe I fell off the diabetic boat  :)  Someone wrote drowning is easy?
Whoever wrote that should read the book The Perfect Storm I forgot the authors

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