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Re: [IP] Glucagon

Hi Glenda,

I've used this stuff a lot on my wife. I have a bottle pre-mixed in the
fridge (I think it keeps for 3-6 months), and when I need it, I use one of
the smaller syringes that she used to use with her insulin. I don't know if
you noticed or not, but the one that comes with the kit is HUGE!

I would go ahead and call the EMT's, at least for awhile, until you get the
hang of it, and get used to how long the stuff takes to work. I used to
shoot the whole vial of glucogone, but that would rocket her BG's the other
way. I think that is why some people vomit after being injected with the
stuff. If your husband is combative when he is having a hypoglycemic
attack, I would just call the EMT's, and let them do what they get paid

My brother in law is also diabetic, and is very combative when he has low
blood sugars. His wife doesn't even mess around any more, and calls 911

My .02 cents.
Todd Boyer

> From: Glenda A Lyssy <email @ redacted>
> My husband is waiting to get his pump and our last visit to the endo he
> gave us Glucagon to give to him when he is in trouble.  I have this fear
> of needles to begin with and when reading the directions it says they may
> vomit.  Has anyone used this and is this a problem?  I'm afraid if he get
> sick he may choke.  Do you still call EMT or just let the Glucagon work
> and how long and how many does it take?  He gave us 3 with refills.  The
> last time I had to call EMT he wasn't totally unconscious but out of it
> enough not to cooperate and very combative.  EMT had to hold him down to
> get an IV into him (his not a small guy)  Do I give him the injection
> when he is having seizures?  Any advice or suggestions would be most
> appreciative!
> Glenda
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