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Re: [IP] Forgot to Bolus

> Michael, I agree with you - it will happen again, and usually not on purpose.
> Some people have asked me how I know Amy hasn't forgotten on purpose. I just
> tell them it's that tell tale horrified look when she realizes she's
> forgotten! The first time, I think she thought she was going to die! I've told
> her it won't be the last time, and at least she is realizing it before she
> gets into serious trouble. Not trying to downplay the seriousness of
> forgetting, but she is only human, and a teen to boot!
> Sue Tappendorf

I've forgotten once in 12 months - the phone rang just after I sat down
to dinner, and by the time I returned to the table I just sat and ate.
It was about 3 hours later I noticed. V high bg. I assure it's nothing
to do with being a teen.

It was even worse on MDI though. Once I switched to the pre-bed
Ultralente, I was forgetting all the time. Bedtime is bad. I tend to be
tired. So I switched to morning instead.

Even worse was the handful of occasions when I couldn't remember whether
I had or hadn't had my injection. Call me absent minded, but injections
become so quick - 5 secs, 10 secs at the longest - that a decent
distraction and I would have no idea if I had done it before I went to
clean my teeth. And there is absolutely no way of telling by looking at
the skin...

At least with the pump you can check the bolus history, which I do a lot
- to see if I had 2 3 or 4 units before the meal. I tend to take a few
more units after the meal once  know what I have actually eaten.

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