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RE: [IP] help for one that needs it

I have several meters that I have never even opened because of this system
of reps giving away meters.

Meter companies DO NOT make any money on the meters, they make their money
on the test strips.

I know that at my Endo's office they have approx. 8 different meters
available for patients to take home free of charge.

Many of the HMO's also have them available by calling their 800 customer
service or DME number.


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> Brian, (and anyone else who is recently diagnosed or never knew this)
> If it makes it any easier...  Meter companies and insurance companies all
> give meters (all the varieties) away free.  Sometimes hospitals or dr's
> offices have give aways too.   Ocassionally, you will encounter a rep or
> person at the 800 # who will tell you have to purchase one.  Don't believe
> it.  You only have to find the right person to ask and they will
> give you one
> free. Basically, you shouldn't ever have to buy a meter.  So,
> after you find
> someone who can use your meter, simply refer the others to your local rep.
> Sometimes people in low income areas don't have the kind of access to
> doctors, insurance cos and reps we have and they would probably benefit
> greatly from a free meter.  Inner city hospitals often disburse
> them so you
> could try that avenue too.
> Ruth
> FIS wrote:
> > I have decided to GIVE away my old Accu-chek advantage machine
> to someone
> > that relly needs it if there is someone out there that is financially
> > strained.  If anyone would like it let me know and i'll try and make the
> > best choice i can, and list the reason you need it (this is going to be
> > hard to do)..
> >
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