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RE: [IP] which pump?


According to my Disetronic rep, the decision to make two pumps available is
not one done by choice by Disetronic, but because of a governmental
requirement in a company that they sell in.

Every person I have spoken to at Disetronic has given me the Germany story.
I must assume they know what they are talking about, but hey maybe the
country is wrong.

As for the internal clock feature, this played no part in the packing of two
pumps being sent to users.

I will get a definitive answer from Disetronic and will forward the same to
the list once received in my email.


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> Ted,
> Germany doesn't require 2 pumps. Not the Minimed anyway. Disetronic made
> the design decision that their pumps would have an in-built clock which
> would stop the pump working (with plenty of warning!) after a fixed
> number of years use. You would then send it back to the factory to be
> cleaned up and checked over, and have the clock reset. I believe
> different countries have a different length of time set on the clock.
> Obviously it's nice to have a second pump ready for when you have to
> send your first pump in for a check up. It also prevents people
> attempting to use knackered 20-year-old pumps with smashed up cases. And
> believe me, they would.
> The manufacturing cost of a pump is very small. The thousands of dollars
> you pay for a new pump reflects the research and development costs, and
> the on-going support from the company. I imagine Minimed could give you
> several pumps at little extra cost to them. But they wouldn't, since we
> would set up a grey market in spare pumps, and deny Minimed their sales!
> John
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