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[IP] Pump Alarm A-25?

Well...being a new pumper...just experienced first alarm last
night...MiniMed 507C began to beep 3 tones every minute and the screen
read A-25 which I could NOT find in the book that came with the pump!
So phoned the 1-800 # and was informed that the pump's internal clock
was out-of-sync with the external time clock and to resolve the problem
I would need to set the external time clock BACK one minute.
I am rather frazzeled by this out-of-sync trouble...is my pump becoming
I went to bed with a 72 bg and arose this a.m. with a 192bg...gave
external syringe injection and changed site...
Should I rightfully be unnerved OR should I just relax?

Becky LaSpina
IDDM since 1957 - pumper since 12/26/98

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